There are two ways to receive support from the Nightingale Team at the present time.

  • As a tenant/service user living in a flat at 85, Whyteleafe Road.

  • As a person living within five miles of CR3 5EJ in other accommodation. This might be in your own home for example or in your family home for instance if you are living with relatives and need additional help.

The aims of the Company are to promote independent living in a safe and non-institutional environment. To gradually assist the tenants to develop their daily living and social skills through learning about the needs of themselves and others, sharing space and support resources, whilst gradually discovering and developing their self-identity at a pace that is individual to each person and with skilled support.

The Accommodation at 85 Whyteleafe Road, Caterham.

Tenants and their families are encouraged to personalise their private space at the time of moving in. Prior to moving in visits can take place over several weeks with placing of personal items in the room - to take ownership of the space and get to know the support team.

Tenants have a tenancy agreement with the Landlord who is responsible for safety of equipment, décor, repairs and fire/ electrical checks (These take place annually along with a Landlord room inspection). The Landlord arranges on-going safety checks throughout the year and maintenance checks take place weekly for the service.

Housing benefit forms are available on the council website and ideally should be filled in and taken to the council offices prior to moving or no later than three weeks after taking the tenancy. This is for tenants with a Care Manager who are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance and /or other benefits. Utility costs are fixed and are paid directly by the tenants themselves.

Kitchens are good sized and basically equipped. Some tenants use furniture supplied by the Landlord and others prefer to bring or buy their own.

In the garden there is a fully equipped laundry room. The garden is well sheltered by trees and a high wall. Tenants and their families are welcome to use the garden for socialising, picnics or for celebrations. In one corner of the garden there is a log cabin specifically for meditation, reflection or simply quiet space.

The ground floor has a large communal room separate from the flats, which can be booked to any tenant/s or member of the staff team for recreation or business purposes. The room has a pool table and a large screen TV with music centre. The communal room is not part of the tenancy agreement but is part of the agency office facility. It gives tenants an opportunity to relax away from their flat if they wish to do so or to meet up with other tenants.

Outside there is a pet area (for small pets) and garden games, such as a basketball stand, freestanding football goal area and a barbecue. A space in the garden is available for those who wish to grow flowers, vegetables or garden in general.

Seeking a Service

The first step is for you, your family or representative to contact the Agency to discuss your support needs. Alternatively contact can be made and the Registered Manager will arrange to visit you in your own home. Should you be looking to move into 85 Whyteleafe Road we can arrange for you to visit the service, meet some of the other tenants and support staff.

The Registered Manager will discuss with you your individual requirements and the range of services we are able to provide at Nightingale Holistic Services.

This process will be formalised into an assessment of your needs, which should form the basis for a decision by both you and the agency as to whether the necessary service can be provided. In common with all records regarding Service Users, the assessment(s) will be made with your full knowledge and cooperation, and the records will be shown to you and will be available to you at any time.

The Registered Manager Clare Ireland can be contacted on:

Tel: 01883 332961